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At Analyst News, our journalism is in pursuit of a more truthful and just world. We believe that the free flow of knowledge and ideas is key to building this future.

Unless otherwise noted, you are welcome and encouraged to republish our articles for free online or in print, so long as you abide by the terms of our Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license as well as the simple guidelines listed below.

We strongly encourage you to email our team ( to let us know that you have republished a piece and tag our writers and Analyst News when you share our work on social media (@AnalystNews_ on Twitter and Instagram).

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Republication Guidelines

  1. Stories must credit Analyst News and its writers and content creators with a byline credit; for example, “by [Author Name], Analyst News” or “[Author Name] is a writer at Analyst News.”
  2. Stories must include the following line: “This story was originally published by Analyst News, an international news organization focused on justice and social issues,” where “Analyst News” is hyperlinked to our homepage or our original story URL. Our preference is an italicized credit at the top of the article.
  3. You may not edit our content, except for reasonable minor updates (changing headlines and subheads, adjusting references to time and location, matching your publication’s editorial style, trimming stories for length) or adding additional reporting. If you add more reporting, include a note that says, “Additional reporting by [Reporter Name] of [Publication].” To make any material edits, you must get permission from Analyst News and the original writer prior to publication; email to request approval.
  4. Book excerpts are not available for republication. Photographs, illustrations and videos may not be republished without additional permission. Contact to request permission. Feel free to substitute our visual content with your own to accompany an article.
  5. You may not republish Analyst News stories for commercial purposes. Do not sell, syndicate, scrape or systematically republish our content, whether by posting our work on platforms such as Apple News or using it to populate content farming sites.
  6. Do not translate our stories into another language unless you have permission from us and the original writer.
  7. Your website must include contact and about information prominently.
  8. Analyst News reserves the right to request that republished articles are removed or that any changes you have made to our content are removed (for example, if they distort the meaning of the original article).