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Analyst News is back with a fresh look and a new focus on in-depth analysis, original features and neglected stories. Our global reporting has one goal: absolute justice. 

To achieve justice, you need to know the truth. To know the truth, you need to see and understand the full picture — which is hard to find in a news industry that prizes sensation and prioritizes speed over context. 

That’s why at Analyst News we’re taking a slower, thoughtful approach to journalism by examining the stories and issues behind the headlines. 

Over the last few months we’ve been working to build a nonprofit newsroom of 65 volunteers across the globe, with the aim of championing justice through our reporting. By bringing much-needed context and clarity to the news cycle, we’ll shine a light on otherwise neglected stories and offer unique perspectives on some of the biggest issues of our time. 

Our new website will feature original features in five verticals: justice, geopolitics, society, women and religion.

You can start reading some of them today, including an in-depth analysis of how the Sahel region in Africa has rapidly descended into a hub of violent terrorism, an examination of the U.K.’s asylum and labor laws, a report on why parents are abandoning sleepovers for their children and a feature on Canada’s attempts to expand its medically-assisted dying program.

Whether you live in London, Los Angeles or Lagos, we hope you’ll join our global audience as we build a news organization that isn’t beholden to personal, national or corporate interests. Instead, our vision is guided by the values of dignity, equity and truth.

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